Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Do You Rank The Spurs Second?

            So I came across an article today by Marcus J. Spears. I am not a person that pays attention to rankings. However, when I saw that he placed the Miami Heat in 1st and the Spurs in 2nd; it showed me how professional NBA analyst get mesmerized by the Glamor. The last time I checked, the team with the best record gets placed in 1st. Yesterday, I watched another NBA analyst put up a list of NBA superstars and their longest win streaks. It mentioned the 33 game win streak by the Lakers and next on the list were the heat and Lebron with 15 wins. The last time I checked a super star with name of Tim Duncan #21 was in a 20 game win-streak that started in the regular season into the post season, at the end of last season. The Analyst made no mention of this, nor was Tim Duncan’s name mentioned in this list. How do you put the heat in front of the Spurs? What do the Spurs have to do to prove that they are #1. They rank first in wins and they almost beat the Heat earlier this year with out the big three plus Danny Green. Explain to me why Marcus J. Spears ranked the Heat ahead of the Spurs. Oh, I forgot, I guess we rank by popularity and not substance. What do you think?


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