Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Your Record Doesn't Lie!

In a must win according to Steven Jackson the Spurs responded. With out star point guard Tony Parker. With the young red-hot Thunder, the Spurs still managed to be victorious. With unlikely players stepping up. Who would of thought that Tiago Splitter would go 20 and 10? Make all the excuse for the Thunder, but they had their chance to solidify themselves as the #1 seat. Instead, they lose to the leagues best team. The Spurs lived up to their record and the Thunder lived up to their record. The Thunder lived up to their record that places them right in second place in the west. However, this is yet again another silent win for the Spurs and a brushed over loss for the Thunder. What did you really see in that game? Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter too much for Ibaka and Perkins. The combined defense of Steven Jackson and Kawi Leornard discombobulating Kevin Durant? Or the inefficient shot selection of Westbrook. Or was it Tiago Splitter dominating Ibaka? Anyhow, in the end you are what your record states, you are.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Perfect Storm (5-12)

            Not so hot! On a night where Tim Duncan got into early foul trouble the #1 team in the league got embarrassed in front of their home crowd. To all Spurs fans, do not feel so alarmed. I don’t know if Pop picks and chooses when to give his guys a rest. Certain teams seem to have the number of other teams. For the avid spurs fan you would know that historically the spurs do not play well against the Blazers. The all time record for the Spurs vs. Blazers is 74-74. The past five seasons the spurs are 5-12 against the Blazers. The Spurs have only managed to beat the Blazers 5 times in the past five seasons, while accumulating 12 losses, which is not typical of the Spurs. The Blazers always rise for the challenge when they play the Spurs. For the Spurs, they seem to take the night off against the Blazers for the past five seasons. Combine Tim Duncan’s early foul trouble, Tony Parker’s injury, and the Spurs lack of interest to beat the Blazers you have the recipe for a perfect storm. Give credit to the Blazers for their hustle and will to beat the Spurs. However, it is nothing that any Spurs fan should be alarmed about. The Spurs will lick their wounds, pick the pieces up, and remind their next opponent why they are the leagues best. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Do You Rank The Spurs Second?

            So I came across an article today by Marcus J. Spears. I am not a person that pays attention to rankings. However, when I saw that he placed the Miami Heat in 1st and the Spurs in 2nd; it showed me how professional NBA analyst get mesmerized by the Glamor. The last time I checked, the team with the best record gets placed in 1st. Yesterday, I watched another NBA analyst put up a list of NBA superstars and their longest win streaks. It mentioned the 33 game win streak by the Lakers and next on the list were the heat and Lebron with 15 wins. The last time I checked a super star with name of Tim Duncan #21 was in a 20 game win-streak that started in the regular season into the post season, at the end of last season. The Analyst made no mention of this, nor was Tim Duncan’s name mentioned in this list. How do you put the heat in front of the Spurs? What do the Spurs have to do to prove that they are #1. They rank first in wins and they almost beat the Heat earlier this year with out the big three plus Danny Green. Explain to me why Marcus J. Spears ranked the Heat ahead of the Spurs. Oh, I forgot, I guess we rank by popularity and not substance. What do you think?


Monday, March 4, 2013


I think today Steven A. Smith made an “OMEN” today about the San Antonio Spurs. Aside from the conspiracy theorist he may have willed the Spurs into the Championship. He said, and I quote, “I want to see Spurs vs Heat.” He believes the Spurs have the best shot at beating the Heat in the NBA Championship. Just like Steven A. Smith I am a fan of the game. I also, want to see the best game possible. It just seems that when the buzz is created that is what usually happens. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but I hope his words are ringing in the ears of many right now and that some invisible force from the NBA gods are pushing for this head on collision. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


In the past few play off runs it seems that Tony Parker runs out of Gas. In the final four straight losses to the Thunder last season, Tony Parker looked very fatigue. I believe he was over worked and basically the body just ran out of energy. I think this will be a good time for him to rest and get his legs back under him to prepare him for the playoffs. How else will TP's injury benefit other players? Of course everyone knows that Manu Ginobili has been so injury prone right at playoff time. Well this year the injuries happened early and Coach Pop has micro managed his minutes forcing Manu to sit. Look for Manu to get into playoff form this month and he will be catching fire at the right time this year. With TP sitting down it will also give Pop time to decide who will be running the point. With TP sitting down Pop will be able to make a great evaluation on who can do this. I am weary with how many minutes Tim Duncan is playing right now. I would like to start seeing him sit out quarters when there are big leads. I think Spurs fans can rest easy and see the cup half full in this situation.

Corey Joseph has arrived!

A first round pick with the 29th pick Corey Joseph was the selection. He struggled last year with team. He seemed intimated and lost among the veterans. Watch how the Spurs nurture and groom their players. He has flourished as D-League player and soon will be a big contributor for the spurs. The Spurs will hide him well in the line up but he will be the one to be the future PG of the San Antonio Spurs. You may disagree but pay close attention to him on the court. His play is very reminiscent of Tony Parker. Right now he is sporting a sweet stroke and has a non stop engine on defense. His confidence is finally showing. Watch as the Spurs have found another diamond in the rough. The former Longhorn believes he belongs in the NBA and he is going to start showing it. I will enjoy saying I told you so in the end.

Respect the Spurs!

The San Antonio Spurs have the greatest sports franchise of any that exist currently. From Tim Ducan, Greg Popavich, R.C. Buford, and Peter Holt. This is a team that is built around character and the ultimate goal of team concept. All the way back to the little General Avery Johnson and the Admiral David Robinson this team has thrived on character. From moments like when David Robinson took a pay cut to keep Tim Duncan on the pay role. Tony and Manu's continuing comments about how it is not about individual accolades but it is about the team. That is why this organization will survive for many years. Unlike many other organizations that give into egotistical players with self absorbed impulses. The Spurs win and will continue to win. Take a good look around the league and find how many spurs connections are out there. Every one from Vinny Del Negro, Danny Ferry, Sam Presti, Monty Williams, Bruce Bowen, and to the countless others that have had a Spur connection. This organization bleeds success and continues to build, shape, and produce individuals that are important to this league. This organization is a role model and should be the benchmark for any team that wants to be successful. I know I will have my children wearing the sliver and black.